Monday, April 18, 2011


I am resurfacing.
Entering back into the world and reality. 
School and responsibility.

It's easier to do after a fun, filled weekend like this last one!

Here's what I was up to Friday night:

Peter and I went to my folks' house for our weekly dinner. I love this night. We eat my mom's yummy food, watch something funny, and I usually sew or craft something wedding-y with my mom. This night was not much different than normal, except that my sweet brother came home from Corvallis for the weekend!! Hooray!

 My mom was so thrilled to have "all of her children" back in her house, that she decided to spoil us with delicious Zab Thai take out.  After dinner, I got to crafting! It was so fun to listen to my dad, brother and Peter laughing in the other room, while my mom and I cut fabric in the dining room.

My first project was a set of coasters for Britta's birthday. 

Quilting away on my little coasters!

Here's one that's been pressed, cut, and quilted. The large border of fabric eventually got trimmed down, and then hand stitched to form the binding. Thank goodness for my mom. She is an awesome hand stitcher!  I couldn't see a single stitch! 

Here's the finished product! I thought they were pretty darn cute. 

My next project was a pot holder made for my sweet friend Hannah. 
Hannah is one of my bridesmaids, and I am one of her's! She is getting married 22 days after Peter and I. Saturday night, she had a lingerie shower. We were instructed to bring a lingerie gift and something for the kitchen

So... I made a pot holder to go with the anthro panties I got her.

My plan was to make two, but I rediscovered my pot holder-sized attention span during this project.
I first discovered this anomaly during my days as a knitter. I started scarf after scarf, but I never finished one! Right about the time that my scarf reached a perfect square, I'd start to get the itch. The "I think I'm bored of this yarn" itch. So I'd cast off and stick another pot holder in my knitting bag.  
After I finished this pot holder, I was ready to be done for the night.

I used a green/blue color palette to match Hannah's future kitchen. The block pattern that I followed is called a "wonky log cabin." A new, improved take on the traditional "log cabin" pattern. 
I love this pattern for two reasons:
1. I love the word "wonky". I just really like it. 
2. I love what makes it wonky. The lines are all crooked and uneven. It adds so much interest and moves your eye all around the block. 

Hannah really liked her pot holder and Britta loved her coasters. I had so much fun making them!
Look out friends! Be expecting cutesy, quilted coasters for your next birthday!

32 days!!

Happy crafting!



  1. those are adorable Molly! Nice work. I wondered if you'd post a picture of the panties... (hee hee)

  2. I hyperlinked the word "panties" to a picture on the anthro website. :)