Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hello there! 

This has been a busy week for me! Lots of stuff going on with my classes. I have final projects fast approaching which means final exams aren't too far off either. Ahh! On the bright-side, that also means that the wedding will be here soon too! 

Speaking of wedding... I need to let you in on my current (wedding) craft! 


{insert adoring sigh here}

So- there is this black curtain drape that hangs in our reception ballroom. It is meant to hide and drown out some of the caterer hullabaloo. It is a perfectly fine black, velvet curtain, the only trouble is that it is black and it is velvet**. Those two things just don't fit my wedding.

What's a girl left to do but make pinwheels to hang in lovely, little, random rows to distract the eye from the black and velvet by wooing it with adorableness and femininity? 

I saw the idea at Paper Zone a while back and lucky for me they had little instruction sheets on how to make them! I, of course, had to adapt their tutorial a bit to fit my own perfectionist needs. I created a little system/process that not only speeds up my production time, but also ensures that all of my pleats come out even!

I have about 40 or so made right now. I have a couple bags of them at my folks house, about 12 pinwheels sitting in the floor in Peter's living room, and 10 or so in my own living room. Actually, there may even be a few more over at the Buchstaber's house! Britta and Lucy offered to help me in my pinwheel efforts and took home a big stack of paper a few weeks ago. 

I'm hoping to have a hundred or so done in time for the wedding. 

I'm planning to post a little pinwheel tutorial at some point. I'll provide more details about the paper and other supplies then. 

36 days!!

Happy crafting!


**Secret shame: I wore black, velvet pants for the majority of my elementary school career. I was so picky about how things felt. My poor mama couldn't have gotten me in a pair of jeans even if she'd offered me a million dollars. Had I started planning this wedding when I was 10 years old, I'm sure the black, velvet curtain would have been a huge hit with me! 


  1. Oh, I was wondering if you had made any more pinwheels or if you were too busy with school. I'm surprised you would leave any on the floor in Peter's apartment. (1) It's the FLOOR. (2) Those guys have big feet! I bet Britta and Lucy have made some :D. I love that you have figured out how to make the pinwheels to perfection. I kind of did that over the course of making so many gathered clutches. I love your cheerful little attitude! No bridezilla here!

    Love ya!

    PS -- the black velvet pants was mostly just one year, but you're right -- not even for a million dollars!

  2. What in the world did I wear those other years? I remember the Old Navy cotton capri phase, but that was only in sixth grade. We bought my first pair of denim ever when I was 15 years old at J. Crew. What was going on all those other years? :)

  3. We'll have to search through family pictures. I think black velvet was 5th grade....