Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 29

 You probably guessed by the title of this post...
There are only 29 days until the wedding! 

I'm going to try my darndest to post everyday until the wedding. I hope to capture moments and thoughts in here so I can look back after the crazy has ended and remember all of the fun things that went on. I'm finding that I've been getting a bit hazy and space-y as I struggle to juggle my teacher education program and wedding planning. If I can't even remember people's names (people I've known for years) anymore, than I certainly can't expect to remember all of the fun little planning and prepping details. Right?

Things to remember:

1.   Last Saturday Terry Rathkey threw me a lovely shower. This was the one she (not me!) deemed the "Old Lady Shower." This was the shower for all of Peter's mom's friends. It was a fun and beautiful shower. I felt so loved by all of those women as they showered me with prayer, advice, hugs, and also presents. It was really moving to feel so supported by women of God whom I had just meet minutes before. What a huge blessing.  

          Here are a few pictures of the decorations 
(I'll add more pictures once I get them from my mom's camera):

(Soon to be filled)

Terry had our wedding invitation displayed out on the
table as well as one of our engagement pictures.

My little vegan, gluten-free cupcake. It was so yummy!
(Did you notice all the food label cards are hand embossed? Not a detail was overlooked by Miss Terry!)

2.    Last night, Kathy threw me a darling bridal shower! (My last one, with the exception of the lingerie party.) She adoringly titled that shower the "misfits'" shower. A wonderful mix of women from my dad's school, my practicum school, my old church, and my small group. It was an odd little bunch, but a very fun and special bunch.

We ate yummy dairy-free, gluten-free treats and played the funniest shower game! All the ladies were given a piece of paper with a cut out picture of my head at the top. They then had to rifle through a stack of wedding magazines and create a wedding ensemble that they thought I would like. The outcome was so creative and so funny!

Abby and Kylie working on their wedding ensemble.

The winning wedding ensemble was made up of a darling, anthro-esque wedding dress, a diamond ring that was about 11 carats big (if not more!), as well as a diamond encrusted necklace and set of earings. These ladies sure know what I like!

After a little devotional and prayer time, we opened some presents!

Here I am, super stoked over my Capri Blue- Volcano candle. 

And here I am simply adoring my new apron. This is the first one I've gotten as a soon-to-be wife, but I think this makes number five in my collection. I just love aprons! 
(I rarely do laundry or anything really without one on.)

Things to do:

1. I really need to order the pies for the reception.
2.  I really, really need to find my birdcage veil.
3.  I really, really, really need to study for my Hebrews- Rev. exam tonight. 
4.  I need to craft something! I haven't done a project since last Friday and I am itching! I will have to wait until tomorrow night though, when I will have a little free time again.

29 days

Happy crafting!



  1. A. You in your sassy little apron--the cutest!
    B. I love the pictures of you at various showers with your mom perched by your side. Also the cutest!
    C. There you go-- two of the countless ways in which you are the cutest. Miss you!!

  2. Oh! And you probably already took your exam, but I'm pretty sure the answer to any test question on Hebrews-Revelation will be:
    A. Jesus
    B. Jesus our High Priest
    C. Jesus is coming again in glory!

    I hope this helps you with your final.

  3. Oh Kristen! I miss you so much! I am counting down the days to my wedding, but then I will need another thing to be counting down to! Hmmm... How about until you move back to Portland to be my neighbor?!?!(Somewhere along the way I got the idea in my head that you and I will be neighbors when you live here again. Please don't disappoint me.) Speaking of, when will you be down next? Amanda is excited to meet you and was wondering if she could get an idea of when that would be.

    Also, thank you for the cheat sheet!! How did you have the three answers to the three questions on my exam? Uncanny!